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CPHDox 2017

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Dutch docs at CPH:DOX 2017

16 March 2017

No less than 8 feature length documentaries and four short docs from The Netherlands take part in the new & fresh edition of CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please find the Dutch line-up below:

Stranger in Paradise
(IP in Main Competition)
by Guido Hendrikx and produced by Zeppers Film
Festival distribution: Some Shorts, info@someshorts.nl, www.someshorts.nl
Sales: CatnDocs, www.catndocs.com
STRANGER IN PARADISE reflects on the power relations between Europeans and refugees.

Radio Kobani
(IP in F:act Award Competition)
by Reber Dosky
Prod: Dieptescherpte (NL), info@deepfocus.nl, www.dieptescherpte.eu
RADIO KOBANÎ tells the story of young female reporter Dilovan during the fight against IS and the return to daily life in the Kurdish city of Kobanî.

Burma Storybook
(Dutch co-prod., IP in Special Screenings)
by Petr Lom
Prod: ZIN Documentaire, info@zindoc.nl, www.zindoc.nl
A documentary about resilience in a country emerging from years of isolation and dictatorship, told through the medium of poetry.

How to meet a Mermaid
(IP in Category: Drama!)
by Coco Schrijber
Prod: Zeppers Film
Sales: CatnDocs, www.catndocs.com
The secrets of the sea and a woman's search for her missing brother in a film with a poetic eye for the adventurous dimension of the tragedy.

To Stay Alive - A Method

by Erik Lieshout, Arno Hagers & Reinier van Brummelen
Prod: seriousFilm (NL), Co-prod: AT-prod (BE), VPRO (NL)
seriousFilm, marc@seriousfilm.nl, www.seriousfilm.nl
Sales: CatnDocs, www.catndocs.com
Iggy Pop’s way of surviving as an individual in an impersonal world, based on Michel Houellebecq’s ‘To Stay Alive’, and on his own experiences in rock. Did they help each other to survive?

Miss Kiet’s Children

by Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster
Prod: Stichting L&F Producties (NL), info@latasterfilms.nl, www.latasterfilms.nl
An ode to the teacher that every child deserves.

The Chocolate Case
by Benthe Forrer
Prod: Dahl TV & Blazhofski

The European
by Dirk-Jan Roeleven
Prod: De Familie Film & TV, info@defamilie.net, www.defamilie.net
A portrait of FVP of the European Commission in a politically extremely hectic time; an inside story at the highest level.

Che! (Children’s short doc)
by Elsbeth Fraanje
Prod by Tangerine Tree (NL), info@tangerinetree.nl, www.tangerinetree.nl
12-year-old Che has a vivid imagination and loves creepy stuff.

1 Minute Nature (Children’s short doc)
by Stef Visjager & Katinka Baehr,
Prod: Radiomakers Desmet (NL), www.radiomakersdesmet.nl
1-minute animated documentaries for children aged 7 – 9. Real life stories with a fairy tale feeling.

The Girl of 672K (Children’s short doc)
By Mirjam Marks
Prod: Hollandse Helden
Sales: NPO Sales, info@nposales.nl, www.nposales.nl
The Girl of 672k is a coming of age film about the imaginative Annegien (15), whose creative talents draw ample attention in the virtual landscape of YouTube.

Rocknrollers (Children’s short doc)

by Daan Bol
Prod: BALDR Film (NL)
Sales: NPO Sales, info@nposales.nl, www.nposales.nl
A rockumentary about friendship, growing up and the power of music.

CPH:DOX takes place from 16-26 March 2017.

For more information: www.cphdox.dk

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