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Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright

Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright Macnab talks to head of Cinekid for Professionals about upcoming events... - Read more

Huge number of NL films going to Brazil

Huge number of NL films going to Brazil 13 Dutch co(-pros) selected for Mostra de Sao Paulo... - Read more

The Sasha wins Radar Award

The Sasha wins Radar Award María Molina Peiró's experimental short awarded at Curtocircuito... - Read more

Escher's International Journey

Escher's International Journey Dutch documentary will have theatrical release in Germany.... - Read more

Dutch Doc Showcase in Russia

St. Petersburg will focus this month on a number of recent Dutch documentaries. The program by the title DOK.NL is organized by the foundation DOK.NL-RU, in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in St. Petersburg and Holland Film. DOK.NL is part of the 'Window on the Netherlands' event, a large survey program of Dutch art and architecture in St. Petersburg. The program takes place from 12 to 25 April 2010. The documentary screenings will take place from 15 to 21 April 2010.

All documentaries that will be screened during DOK.NL are, in one way or another, connected to Russia. The programme includes the films BLACK EYES by Jan Bosdriesz, FERRYMAN ACROSS THE VOLGA and PITER by Jessica Gorter, PYOTR LETTERS FROM THE GULAG by Jan Jaap Kuiper, THE HERMITAGE DWELLERS and BORIS RYZHY by Aliona van der Horst, TZIRK by Nova van Dijk, FROM THE HEART OF ODESSA by Andre Schreuder, LAND OF WONDERS by Johan Zielstra, Kim Taminiau and Jorrit Kamminga, BACK TO THE CAMP by Edwin Trommelen and Paul Enkelaar and VICTORY.MOSCOW.1980 by Renger van den Heuvel. Also short films by Andre Schreuder will be screened, including NEW WORLD MOVEMENTS, ON PHENOMENA AND EXISTENCES, DRUNKEN ANGELS and MANIFESTO FOR A FREE FALL.




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