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Dutch co-pros in competition Locarno

July 16, 2018

Five Dutch co-productions have been selected for the upcoming edition of the Locarno Film Festival.

Concorso Internazionale

A Land Imagined - World premiere
Dir/Sc: Yeo Siew Hua
Prod: Akanga Film Asia (SG)
Co-prod: MM2 Entertainment (FR), Films de Force Majeure (FR), Volya Films (NL) -Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts
(feature, 94')
In a city that never sleeps, its inhabitants dream awake. The film follows a sleepless policeman and his partner, who are tasked to uncover the case of a missing Chinese migrant worker.

Too Late to Die Young (Tarde para morir joven) - World premiere
Dir/Sc: Dominga Sotomayor
Prod: Cinestación (CL)
Co-prod: RT Features (BR), Ruda Cine (AR), Circe Films (NL) - Stienette Bosklopper, Lisette Kelder
(feature, 110')
In an isolated community far from the city, three children face a forest fire that threatens not only their sense of belonging but their very lives.

Concorso Cineasti del Presente

Yesterday (Tegnap) - World premiere
Dir/SC: Balint Kenyeres
Co-prod: Rotterdam Films (NL) - Mildred van Leeuwaarden, Dirk Rijneke, Les Films de l'Après-Midi (FR), One-Two Films (DE), La Prod (MA)
(feature, 119')
When a 50-year-old construction company owner returns to a North African country to save a project, he catches - he thinks - a glimpse of the lost love of his life.Starring Dutch actress Johanna ter Steege.

Concorso Pardo di Domani

Heart of Hunger
Dir/Sc: Bernardo Zanotta
Prod: Bernardo Zanotta (BR/NL)
(short, 29')
The characters in Heart of Hunger may act, feel and experience, but cannot testify to the relations that determine them. They lose each other, they find each other; the heart is a lonely hunter.

Signs of Life

Gulyabani - World Premiere
Dir/Sc: Gürcan Keltek
Prod: 29P Films BV (TR/NL)
(short, 35')

71st Locarno Film Festival: www.locarnofestival.ch

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