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Take Me Somewhere Nice by Ena Sendijarevic

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23 April 2019

Take Me Somewhere Nice
, Ena Sendijarević's debut feature, is selected for the ACID programme in Cannes. The film, produced by Pupkin Film (international sales: Heretic), celebrated its world premiere in the Tiger Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won the Special Jury Award.

Take Me Somewhere Nice tells the story of teenager Alma, who travels from the Netherlands to Bosnia to visit her sick father whom she has never met. Teaming up with her detached cousin and his charming best friend, they embark together on an increasingly unpredictable road trip adventure through the country's scorching heartland.

It is the second time Ena has a film selected for Cannes. Her short film Import (2016) was selected for Cannes' Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.

Take Me Somewhere Nice is one of the nine feature films that ACID screens during the International Film Festival Cannes, selected from hundreds of works from all around the world. After Cannes, ACID presents the films to 60 festivals in France and abroad. The ACID Cannes programme is then shown in movie theatres in Paris, Lyon, Corsica and also internationally. Furthermore ACID helps the director find a distributor in France, and when one is found, works on the release (promotion/programming/ Q&A's/audience research), and the film is then promoted among 400 independent movie theaters.

Two minority Dutch co-productions will have their world premiere in Quinzaine des Réalisateurs this year: Sick Sick Sick and That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise.

Sick Sick Sick, first feature by the Brazilian director Alice Furtado, is co-produced by Amsterdam-based BALDR Film (international sales: Alpha Violet). Sick Sick Sick is about Silvia, an introspective young girl. When Artur arrives unexpectedly in her class, Silvia is amazed by the vitality of the boy, who actually suffers from a serious illness - hemophilia. The two immerse themselves in an intense and brief coexistence, interrupted by an accident in which Artur's bleeds to death. Silvia's mourning gradually becomes an obsession, and obsession becomes a goal - Silvia will do anything to bring him back to life.

That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise by Anna Maria Martena and Roberto Taroni (Italy) is is a short experimental film co-poduced by Dutch producer Serious Film. It is about Funafuti, in the Tuvalu archipelago, the scene of a phenomenon no longer unique in the Pacific: as the climate warms and the sea level rises, the salt water of the high tide rises through the ground, flowing through the pores of the land flooding it, and putting the future of life on these low coral islands at risk. In a long traverse of Funafuti, the low tide and high tide alternate fluidly, and without interruption capture the places and the actions of their inhabitants: waiting and suspended in time.

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Take Me Somewhere Nice
Pupkin - Birgitte van Boven
Sales: Heretic


Sick Sick Sick

Sales: Alpha Violet

That Which Is to Come Is Just a Promise
Serious Film - Marc Thelosen


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