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An Abstract Day by Oerd van Cuijlenborg

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Dutch Animation at Fantoche

For its international competition the Animation Film Festival Fantoche is seeking out innovative trends, new talents, bold ideas, wonderful stories and award-winning international hits. 37 films from 24 countries will compete for the jury and audience awards, including two short animated films from the Netherlands. The film festival will take place from September 7 – 12 in Baden, Switzerland.

Selected for Fantoche’s international competition are GET REAL! by Evert de Beijer and AN ABSTRACT DAY by Oerd van Cuijlenborg. 

In GET REAL! a computer game is the cause of a high school student losing his sense for reality. Until a girl of his class gives him a real kiss. GET REAL! is produced by CinéTé Filmproduktie. Sales is handled by SND Films. This August GET REAL! is selected for the competition of the China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival (August 26 – 31) and in October the film will screen in competition at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

AN ABSTRACT DAY is a semi-abstract animation film based on a story which is told in sound. It is a day in the life of a couple, who fight, make love and escape the hot and crowded city. The film is produced by il Luster Productions and was selected for the competition programme at the Anima Mundi Animation Film Festival earlier this year. 

THE SQUIRREL AND THE SWALLOW, an animated film by Arjan Boeve, inspired by a short story about Squirrel by Dutch author Toon Tellegen, is selected for “Zauberlanterne”, the Magic Lantern Children’s Film Club of Fantoche. The film will be judged by a children’s jury and it will be put to a public vote in which all children can take part.

In THE SQUIRREL AND THE SWALLOW squirrel makes friends with the swallow. When swallow is in danger, squirrel tries everything to save her. The film is produced by Peter Lindhout for Coconino. THE SQUIRREL AND THE SWALLOW will also screen at the International Animated Film Festival KROK in the Ukraine (September 18 – 27).


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