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Don't Lose Heart by Hella de Jonge
Don't Lose Heart

Don't Lose Heart

When her 88-year-old father moved home, estranged daughter Hella de Jonge acquired the legacy of her great aunt who survived the Nazi terror along with Hella's parents. This inspires her to investigate the history of her family. With the aid of photos and documents, a videotape of Hella's mother's testimony made as part of Steven Spielberg's Shoah project, conversations and visits to places with painful memories, the father and daughter begin to heal their fractured relationship.

81' / DCP / colour

Original title: VERLIES NIET DE MOED
Dir: Hella de Jonge
Prod: De Roje Hel
Sc: Hella de Jonge
D.O.P.: Paul Schuurman
Completed: November 2014
Language: Dutch

Hella de Jonge:
First feature length documentary.

De Roje Hel
Ph: +31 6 5183 3485

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