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The Domino Effect by Paula van der Oest
Domino Effect, The

Domino Effect, The

Because of the credit crisis, the lives of different people at different places in the world are suddenly connected.

This is a series of stories about what happens when people lose their safety net, especially in societies where identity, and feelings of happiness and well-being, are strongly dependent on material and economic success. People in different countries or continents might not seem to be interrelated but we are more connected than we sometimes like to think. The film is about dreams and desires, about loss and the fear of loss - and the importance of family and love.

120’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: THE DOMINO EFFECT
Prod: Kasander Film
Dir: Paula van der Oest 
Sc: Paula van der Oest   
D.O.P.: Guido van Gennep
Completed: April 2012  
Language: English/Chinese/Hindi (English subtitles) 
Cast: James d’Arcy (MASTER AND COMMANDER, THE EXORCIST), Harriet Walter

Paula van der Oest:
BLACK BUTTERFLIES (2011, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calf Best Film Netherlands FF, WIJSTER (2008, feature), TIRAMISU (2008, feature) Awards: Golden Calf Best Actress and Best Music Netherlands FF, HIDDEN FLAWS (2004, feature), MADAME JEANETTE (2004, feature), MOONLIGHT (2002, feature) Award: Best European Feature Hollywood FF, ZUS & ZO (2001, feature).

Festivals a.o:
Warsaw International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival
Busan International Film Festival
Bydgoszcz International Festival - Plus Camerimage

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