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The Disciples by Ramón Gieling
Disciples, The

Disciples, The

An Amsterdam-based homeless choir is studying for a special opera called The Disciples that reflects tough life on the street.

Staging an opera with homeless people is asking for trouble. Fortunately, it’s not just the result - the opera itself - but also the journey that will shape this film. Who sets the rules in this unorthodox production? Will the director and composer get their point across in a film about outcasts from society, or does the will of the homeless prevail? People and roles seem to merge. In the end, the question remains. Is working on an opera more fulfilling than roaming the streets? 

80' / colour

Dir: Ramón Gieling
Prod: KeyDocs (NL) - Janneke Doolaard, Hans de Wolf
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV (NL)
Sc: Ramón Gieling
D.O.P.: Goert Giltay, Sam du Pon
Completed: December 2017
Language: Dutch, English

Ramón Gieling:
a.o. ERBARME DICH - MATTHÄUS PASSION STORIES (2014, doc), HOME (2014, doc), BLIND FORTUNE (2012, doc), ABOUT CANTO (2011, doc), JOAQUIN SABINA, 19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES (2008, doc) Award: Best Doc Cinestrat Alicante & Buenos Aires, EN UN MOMENTO DADO (2004, doc), THE PRISONERS OF BUÑUEL (2000, doc).

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