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Diorama by Elly Bouman


A girl enlivens her diorama by introducing a fly. Her rich fantasy brings forth a miraculous world.

In this animation film a girl peeps into her self-made peeping box. There is nothing to see except a few leaves and twigs. Boring. She sighs deeply. In order to make it more exciting she puts a fly into the box. Now there's much more going on. The box seems to come alive. In a dangerous jungle the fly has to do its best to avoid the jaws of all kinds of monsters… Graduation film from the art academy St. Joost in Breda.

Directed by Elly Bouwman
Prodcer: Elly Bouwman, AKV/St. Joost


Holland Animation Film Festival Utrecht - HAFF 09
Cinekid Amsterdam 09 - Panorama Dutch Shorts Section
Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 09
Lucknow International Educational Children's Film Festival 2010, India
London Animate the World 2010 - Opening Gala Breakfast Party
Rio de Janeiro Femina 2010 - Children's section
Sancy Film Festival Plein la Bobine 2010
London Shoreditch Festival 2010

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