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Devil's Pie - D'Angelo by Carine Bijlsma
Devil's Pie - D'Angelo

Devil's Pie - D'Angelo

Devil's Pie - D'Angelo is an intimate, moving and surprising portrait of one of the most mysterious figures in the contemporary music scene: D'Angelo.

D'Angelo-born Michael Eugene Archer in Richmond, Virginia-faced a genuine spiritual crisis from his superstardom, which resulted in multiple tragedies, catastrophes and turning points during a 15-year gap in his career.The film follows D'Angelo during the tour for his new album Black Messiah, the first one after this long period of absence. What follows is a spiritual, musical and revelatory experience.

84' / colour
Genre: Documentary
Original title: Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
Dir: Carine Bijlsma
Prod: Interakt Productions
Co-prod: Zeppers Film
Sc: -
D.O.P.: -
Completed: April 2019
Language: English

Carine Bijlsma

Interakt Productions

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