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DEDE; Mehmet with Yellow Boots by Tamara Miranda
DEDE; Mehmet with Yellow Boots

DEDE; Mehmet with Yellow Boots

The quest of 11-year old Merel to find her unknown biological Turkish grandfather starts as an encounter between two different cultures before developing into an exciting and unifying journey.

25´ / DCP / colour

Genre: children's, drama, family
Original title: DEDE; Mehmet met gele laarzen
Dir.: Tamara Miranda
Prod: Corrino Media Group  
sc: Arzu Kokeng
Language: Dutch  
Completed: September 2015  

Tamara Miranda:
a.o. New Eyes (2009, doc), So as Not to Forget (2003, doc).

Corrino Media Group
Ph: +31 20 423 3002

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