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Dealing With Death

Dealing With Death

The more funeral director Anita learns about the many cultures in a suburb of Amsterdam, the more she doubts her mission to build a multicultural funeral home.

Funeral director Anita, a white Dutch woman, is tasked with finding out which rituals her new multicultural funeral home in a suburb of Amsterdam has to facilitate. But the more Anita sees and learns, the more she begins to have her doubts. Do these diverse communities actually need her? Navigating between two worlds, Anita also has to deal with death in her own circle, causing her to ask herself new questions.


74' /  Colour     

Original title: Dood in de Bijlmer
Dir: Paul Sin Nam Rigter
Prod: Witfilm, Iris Lammertsma
Co-prod: PLUGGIN' Creative Lab                     
Sc: Paul Sin Nam Rigter                                 
D.O.P.: Gregg Telussa, Jefrim Rothuizen, Lukas de Kort et al
Completed: October 2020                   
Language: Dutch, English, Ghanaian, Papiamento


Paul Sin Nam Rigter:
First feature length documentary.
a.o. Helden van het Maxima (2019, three part mini series), The Nose - Searching for Blamage (2014, mid-length doc), Play for the Past (2010, mid-length doc)


Ph: +31 20 6885049

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