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Deal by Eddy Terstall


After a couple of drinks two twenty-something students make a very intimate deal…

One night Sarah and Midas make a deal to have sex with each other for 2000 Euros. But not here, somewhere else. Like Barcelona. When they get there they talk a lot. Since they weren’t more than acquaintances when the deal was made, there is a lot to find out about one another. But as they grow closer, their embarrassment over the deal takes hold. So they decide not to go through with it …

87’ / DCP / colour

Genre: romantic comedy
Original title: DEAL
Prod: Column Films
Dir; Eddy Terstall
Co-prod: One Big Agency       
Sc: Eddy Terstall           
D.O.P.: Willem Nagtglas
Completed: September 2012       
Language: Dutch/English   
Cast: Roberta Petzoldt, Teun Kuilboer (NOVA ZEMBLA).   

Eddy Terstall:
a.o. TITTEN (2011, short), VOX POPULI (2008, feature), SEXTET (2007, feature), SIMON (2004, feature) Awards: Golden Calf for Best Director, Best Film, Audience Award and Best Actor Netherlands FF, Best Actor Tribeca FF, RENT-A-FRIEND (1999, feature), BASED ON THE NOVEL (1998, feature), BABYLON (1997, feature), BASTARDS AND BRIDESMAIDS (1996, feature).
Column Film
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