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Dead Wrong by Stijn Windig, Jan Woudenberg, Joris Vos
Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong

An emotional teenager makes a fatal decision when his date doesn’t show up. But after he receives an odd text message, fate deals him another hand.    

7’ / colour

Genre: black comedy, drama
Original title: DEAD WRONG
Dir: Stijn Windig, Jan Woudenberg, Joris Vos          
Prod: Valk Productions - Richard Valk
Sc: Stijn Windig, Jan Woudenberg, Joris Vos, Richard Valk
Completed: December 2016
Language: English

Stijn Windig
a.o. Jacob’s Lament (2011, animated short). 

Jan Woudenberg
a.o. The Spirit of Necropolis (2011, animated short).

Joris Vos
First animated short.

Valk Productions
Ph: +31 6 5093 4002

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