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Daylight by Diederijk van Rooijen


A young lawyer's dangerous journey to prove her half-brother's innocence reveals many dark family secrets.

Young lawyer Iris discovers that she has an older, autistic half-brother Ray, who is in prison for the atrocious murder of his neighbour and her five year-old daughter. When she meets Ray he reminds her a lot of her own son Aron, who also is autistic, and she starts to believe that he is innocent. But when she starts an investigation to prove this she is forced to ask many questions, and little by little, despite her hopes and doubts, her true family history is revealed…

114'/ DCP / colour

Genre: thriller
Original title: DAGLICHT
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Co-prod: Inspire Pictures
Dir: Diederik van Rooijen       
Sc: Philip Delmaar            
D.O.P.: Lennert Hillige
Completed: April 2013       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Monique van de Ven (ISABELLE, AMAZONES), Fedja van Huêt (NONO, THE ZIGZAG KID, LOFT),  Angela Schijf (THE DINNER CLUB, GODFORSAKEN).   

Festivals a.o:
Fantastic Fest - Austin Fantastic Film Festival

Diederik van Rooijen:
a.o. TAPED (2012, feature), STELLA’S WAR (2009, feature), BOLLYWOOD HERO (2009, feature), DUMMY (2006, short), MASS (2005, short), ZULAIKA (2003, feature).

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama

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Press Releases
07-05-2013  Daylight reaches Golden Status

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