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A Day In A Life by Pieter-Rim De Kroon
Day in a Life, A

Day in a Life, A

A modest observation of the relationship between humanity and nature, revealing the hidden beauty of each single day in its pure simplicity. A slow film that transmits the experience of time as reality.
25’ / colour

Original title: A Day In A Life
Dir: Pieter-Rim De Kroon
Prod: Dutch Light Films - Pieter-Rim de Kroon
Completed: May 2017   
Language: no dialogue

Pieter-Rim De Kroon:
a.o. 36 Views (2017, doc), The Iconic Cocktail, The Martini (2016, doc), Dancin’ the Camera (2015, short), The Nolet Chronicles (2014, doc).

Dutch Light Films
Ph: +31 6 2044 1491

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