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Daan’s Inheritance by Joris Postema
Daan’s Inheritance

Daan’s Inheritance

Joris Postema  

Trying to get a handle on his life and depression, Daan confronts his father, photographer Ed van der Elsken, who died in 1990.

Daan is used to standing before a camera. At first his father’s camera, world-renowned photographer and filmmaker Ed van der Elsken. Now it’s his best friend’s camera, Joris Postema. Together with him Daan tries to get control of his life by confronting his father posthumously. Daan believes his father - who he takes after more than he’d like – is mostly to blame for his mental problems. By means of photos, film footage and meetings with family members and friends, Daan tries to fathom what his father has passed on to him and he makes a surprising discovery.

85' (and 55’) / colour

Original title: DE ERFENIS
Prod: KeyDocs (NL) - Janneke Doolaard, Harmen Jalvingh
Co-prod: IKONdocs (NL)
Sc: Joris Postema
D.O.P.: Wiro Felix
Completed: November 2016
Language: English, Dutch

Joris Postema:
Second feature length documentary.
FC RWANDA (2013, doc).

Ph: +31 20 422 2607

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