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Curaçao by  Sander Snoep and Sarah Vos
Curacao-A confrontational look at the shared, and  concealed, grief of Curacao.


A confrontational look at the shared, and  concealed, grief of Curaçao.

CURAÇAO untangles the collectively repressed legacy of the Dutch on their former colony by examining the Dutch community of Curaçao today. The Dutch get together at parties and play golf on private resorts. The blacks and whites on Curaçao hardly ever speak. What necessary relations there are seem awkward and are conducted, above all, in silence. Until, that is, the manager of the local Dutch supermarket implores his black employees to assume the motto: “Why do Antilleans refuse to be leaders?”

74’ / video / colour 

Dir: Sarah Vos & Sander Snoep
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV , Co-prod: NTR    
Language: Dutch/Papiamento (English subtitles) 

Sarah Vos
a.o. RELIANCE, AN AFRICAN SAGA (2009, doc), WELCOME TO HOLLAND (2003, doc).

Sander Snoep:
First feature length documentary.

Zeppers Film & TV
Ph: +31 20 675 8594
F:   +31 20 679 3929

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