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Comment of Men
Comment of Men

Comment of Men

In this tragicomic fairytale we join Andrej (80), Pico (6) and their pack mule on a journey. They try to make the right choices but are repeatedly confronted with the complaining people along the road. Will Andrej and Pico manage to push on with their endeavour?

11' / b&w

Genre: action/adventure, black comedy
Original title: VERWIJT DER MENSEN
Dir: Rob Lücker
Prod: Hazazah Pictures - Maarten Kuit
Completed: October 2019
Language: no dialogue

Rob Lücker:
a.o. RUNDFUNK (2019, feature), SEVEN LITTLE CRIMINALS (TV series) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama-Netherlands FF, MESSIAS (2016, TV film).

Hazazah Pictures
Ph: +31 20 422 6422


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