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Cobain by Nanouk Leopold


Cobain (15) is forced to take over after his pregnant mother Mia refuses to quit her self-destructive lifestyle.

Fifteen-year-old Cobain tries to get his pregnant mother Mia to quit her self-destructive lifestyle, but she keeps the boy at arm’s length, resisting any kind of interference. When Mia refuses to clean up her act, Cobain decides to take over.

94' / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: COBAIN
Dir: Nanouk Leopold
Prod: Circe Films (NL) - Stienette Bosklopper, Lisette Kelder
Co-prod: A Private View (BE), Coin Film (DE), The Film Kitchen (NL), VPRO (NL)
Sc: Stienette Bosklopper
D.O.P.: Frank van den Eeden
Completed: December 2017
Language: Dutch
Cast: Bas Keizer, Naomi Velissariou (OUT OF LOVE), Wim Opbrouck (IT'S ALL SO QUIET), Maria Kraakman (SCHNEIDER VS. BAX).

Festivals & awards a.o.:
Berlin International Film Festival - Generation 14plus
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Sydney International Film Festival
Lecce European Film Festival - Award for Best Screenplay
Crossing Europe Film Festival (Linz) - Award for Best Film
New Horizons International Film Festival (Wroclaw)
Golden Calf Best Music - Netherlands Film Festival
Kolkata International Film Festival
Macao International Film Festival

Nanouk Leopold:
a.o. IT'S ALL SO QUIET (2013, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Feature Torino GLTB FF, Bildrausch-ring Award Basel IFF, Silver Hugo Award Chicago IFF, BROWNIAN MOVEMENT (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calf for Best Screenplay and Best Director Netherlands FF, Int. Film Guide Award New Horizons FF, WOLFSBERGEN (2007, feature) Awards: a.o. Special Mention Caligari Film Award, Audience Award Festival du Cinéma Nordique.

Circe Films
Ph: +31 20 625 3591

Sales: Beta Cinema
Ph: +49 89 6734 69828



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