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Cities of Arrival by René Roelofs
Cities of Arrival

Cities of Arrival

A film that shows how immigration has reshaped Europe since the 1950s.

Using provocative archive footage and individual life stories, and focussing on European cities where minorities constitute a majority (or very soon will do) this documentary shows how, since the 1950s, immigration has irreversibly changed the face of Europe, and why it will continue to do so.

100’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: LAND VAN AANKOMST
Dir: René Roelofs
Prod: Interakt   
Sc: Paul Scheffer            
D.O.P.: Sander Snoep
Language: Dutch/English (English subtitles)   

René Roelofs:
a.o. GATEKEEPERS (2009, doc), THE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER (2008, doc), ROBOLOVE (2006, short doc), COMA (2005, short doc), MY FATHER LIVES IN VENEZUELA (2003, short doc), JOURNEY THROUGH THE VOID: SYDNEY-PERTH (2002, doc), SONS OF SURINAM ( 2002, doc).

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