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Ceres by Janet van den Brand


Dutch minority co-production.

CERES is a poetic and tangible documentary film that follows four children as they experience the natural cycle of life on a farm. Each child lives on a remote farm in the Southwest of The Netherlands and is learning the profession of their ancestors from a young age. They dream that one day they will take over their father’s farm.

73’ / colour

Genre: documentary
Original title: CERES
Dir: Janet van den Brand
Prod: Diplodokus (BE)
Co-prod: Tangerine Tree (NL) - Willem Baptist, Nienke Korthof
Sc: Janet van den Brand
D.O.P. : Timothy Josha Wennekes
Completed: January 2018
Language: Dutch

Janet van den Brand:
First feature length documentary.
DOG DAYS (2015, short), ROSA, ANNA’S LIL’SIS (2012, short), ARTHUR’S GRANDDAD (2012, short).

Tangerine Tree
Ph: +31 6 1454 7260

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