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With the help of extraordinarily dedicated mentors, a center in Rotterdam helps young men from problematic backgrounds try to find a way into 'normal' society again.

Young men from problematic backgrounds can find help in building a future at a center in Rotterdam called De Nieuwe Kans (Dutch for "the new chance"). Hardened by the past, they struggle to adapt to "normal society", while their mentors need an inexhaustible supply of patience and empathy to connect with them. Marina Meijer captures their compelling, fragmented dialogues in precisely framed shots, while this microcosmos tells a wider story about inequality and a system that is difficult to break out of.


68' / colour

Original title: Carrousel
Dir: Marina Meijer
Prod: Basalt Film - Simone van den Broek
Sc: Marina Meijer
D.O.P.: Marina Meijer
Completed: September 2019
Language: Dutch

Marina Meijer:
O AMOR É ÚNICO (2018, TV doc), CARGO (2018, short doc).


Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946


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