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The Captured Light Of an Instant by Lichun Tseng
Captured Light Of an Instant, The

Captured Light Of an Instant, The

Inspired by the personal observations of Fernando Pessoa's The Book of Disquiet, and his hundred-year-old city guide of Lisbon.This film is an audio-­‐visual investigation of time, a visual poetry researching different perspective of time, passage of time, time rift in experience, mind and space. A flow of the passage of time is created by a conversation and connection between the present and the past.

19' 54" / 35mm / colour

Genre: experimental
Producer: Lichun Tseng
Scenario: Lichun Tseng
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2017

Lichun Tseng
Sight(2007), Passage(2007), Passing(2008), Interval (2008/2009), Passage.Hval Station (2008),, Ming (2009), Rotating, (2010), Ning, (2011), Neither a tree nor a rass (2012), Balga (2012), Flow (2013), Hometown (2015), jianjian (2016),The Captured Light of an Instant (2017)

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +3120 58 91 446


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