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Camp Holland by Boris Paval Conen
Camp Holland

Camp Holland

A young Dutch soldier shoots an Afghan local after his comrade’s vehicle hits a roadside bomb. This fatal incident has dramatic consequences for him and everyone else on his squad.

Afghanistan, seven years ago. A young Dutch soldier shoots an Afghan local after his squad are blown uo by a roadside bomb. It seems like the right decision at the time, but back in “Camp Holland” it’s a different story. An official enquiry follows. The shooting incident sets in motion an accumulation of lies and mutual accusations which will stretch the friendship between the soldiers to its limits.

78’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: KAMP HOLLAND
Dir: Boris Paval Conen
Prod: KeyFilm       
Sc: Boris Paval Conen           
D.O.P.: Tibor Dingelstad
Completed: December 2015       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen (DUSK, BOY 7), Lourens van den Akker (CODE M,  THE HELL OF ’63), Yannick van de Velden (IN ORANGE, LETTER FOR THE KING), Kiefer Zwart ( THE SPACE BETWEEN, HALF EMPTY).

Boris Paval Conen:
EXIT (2013, feature) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama Netherlands FF, FIRST MISSION (2010, feature).

Ph: +31 20423 25 96

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