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Burma Storybook by Petr Lom
Burma Storybook

Burma Storybook

The beauty and suffering of a country emerging from five decades of authoritarian rule as expressed through its poetry.

Burma Storybook is a parade of characters, poems and cinema verité scenes set in this enchantingly beautiful land trying to recover from six decades of fear and suffering. The main story is of Maung Aung Pwint, Burma’s most famous dissident poet, who has spent many years behind bars for his political activism. The yearning for his lost son, who lives in political exile in Finland, and his long-awaited return home after 20 years, are at the heart of the film.

81’ / DCP / colour

Original title: BURMA STORYBOOK
Dir.: Petr Lom
Prod: ZIN Documentaire (NL)
Co-prod: JAB Film (NO)       
Sc: Corinne van Egeraat and Petr Lom           
D.O.P.: Petr Lom
Completed: end 2016       
Language: Burmese

Petr Lom:
a.o. ANA ANA (2013, doc),  BACK TO THE SQUARE (2012, doc) Awards: Amnesty Award Planete Doc Warsaw, Best Human Rights Doc Hong Kong FF, LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT (2009, doc), ON A TIGHTROPE (2007, doc) Awards: a.o. Grand Prix Chicago Doc FF.

ZIN Documentaire
Ph: +31 6 2487 3171

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