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Bullet Time by Frodo Kuipers
Bullet Time

Bullet Time

A good old-fashioned western shoot-out, but one in which the two bullets fall in love with each other...

5’ / colour

Genre: action/adventure, romance
Original title: BULLET TIME
Dir: Frodo Kuipers
Prod: Merlijn Passier
Completed: November 2016   
Language: no dialogue

Frodo Kuipers:
a.o.  BALLONE DI CANNONE  (2015, animated short), FATA MORGANA (2011, animated short), LOST IN SPACE (2010, animated short), BRICKS (2010, animated short) Awards: a.o. Golden Apple Award Zlín IFF for Children and Youth.

Merlijn Passier
Ph: +31 6 5398 1813

Festivals: KLIK! Distribution Service
Ph: +31 6 2068 9423

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