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Bukowski by Daan Bakker


A chic Amsterdam hotel has a very special guest for one night, world-famous writer Charles Bukowski. He is twelve and his real name is Tom.

9’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: BUKOWSKI

Dir: Daan Bakker
Prod: Lemming Film 
Language: Dutch/English (English subtitles) 

Daan Bakker:
JACCOS FILM (2009, short film) Awards: Go Short Audience Award Netherlands Int. Short FF.

Lemming Film
Ph: +31 20 661 0424
F:   +31 20 661 0979

• The Netherlands Film Festival, September 2010
• Best of 2010 Short Films, Utrecht, The Netherlands, January
• Go Short, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, March 2011
• New Directors/New Films, New York, USA, March 2011
• Aspen Shortfest, USA, April 2011
• Festival Culture Giovani, Salerno, Italy, April 2011
• Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, May 2011
• Berkshire International Film Festival, USA, June 2011
• L.A. Film Festival, USA, June 2011
• Nantucket Film Festival, USA, June 2011
• Palm Springs Short Film Festival, June 2011
• River Film Festival, Padova, Italy, July 2011

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