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Brothers by Hanro Smitsman


Roadmovie about two brothers, Hassan and Mourad, searching for their younger brother Yasin, an alleged extremist in war-torn Syria.

Cynical stand-up comedian Hassan and Afghan veteran Mourad travel to war-torn Syria to search for their younger brother Yasin, who got lost after crossing the border from Azraq in Jordan to Daraa in Syria. The two reluctant brothers try to stay out of the conflict to bring Yasin home as quickly as possible, but they get involved themselves. Does the journey bring the brothers closer to each other and re-unite the family? Or will the war tear them further apart?

93' /  colour

Dir: Hanro Smitsman
Genre: action/adventure, drama, road movie
Original title: BROEDERS
Prod: Germen Boelens
Sc: Marc Linssen, Roeland Linssen, Alma Popeyus, Hein Schutz 
D.O.P.: Aage Hollander
Completed: September 2017
Language: Dutch, Arabic, English
Cast: Achmed Akkabi (RABAT), Walid Benmbarek (THE INTRUDER), Bilal Wahib (LAYLA M.).

Festivals & awards a.o.:
Giffoni International Film Festival - Gryphon Award Best Film Generator 18+
Goa International Film Festival of India
Chennai International Film Festival

Hanro Smitsman:
FLIGHT HS13 (2017, TV series), DUSK (2010, feature) Award: Dutch Film Critics, SKIN (2008, feature), CONTACT (2006, short) Award: a.o. Golden Bear at Berlinale.

Producer: Germen Boelens
Ph.: +31 20 820 8987

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