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Breath to Breath (Miloushka Bokma, 2019)

Breath to Breath

Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment.In this videowork I show situations of human ability and inability to cope with his own history. Loss, mourning, saying goodbye, rediscover yourself and connectedness are recurring themes.

5' / HD file /  colour

Genre: experimental, dance
Original title: ADEM AAN ADEM
Dir/Prod: Miloushka Bokma
Completed: November 2019
Language: no dialogue

Miloushka Bokma:
All experimental shorts: a.o.  THUIS, HOME, HEIMAT (2018), WINTERWENDE (2016), CYCLES (2015) Award: Pearl Artist Prize- Dance FF Berlin, SOFTLY TO NOT #7 (2013), SOFTLY TO NOT #5/ #6 (2012).

Distributor: EYE Experimental


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