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Boys Will Be Boys by Johan Nijenhuis
Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys. And some guys never grow up.

Jorrit returns home after years of working abroad. He visits his estranged 8-year-old son and concludes that he isn't fit to be a father. After taking a job as a construction worker, Jorrit soon discovers there's a much easier way to make money... He convinces his fellow workers that they would be better employed as strippers. Within no time they find themselves overbooked. But when Jorrit falls in love, his son won't leave him alone. Is it possible to keep a relationship going in this business?

110' / colour

Genre: comedy
Original title: ONZE JONGENS
Dir: Johan Nijenhuis
Prod: Nijenhuis & Co - Ingmar Menning, Johan Nijenhuis
Sc: Annelou Verboon
D.O.P.: Maarten van Keller
Completed: December 2016
Language: Dutch, English
Cast: Jim Bakkum (LOVING IBIZA), Martijn Fischer (BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS), Barbara Sloesen (SKIRT DAY), Sanne Vogel (LOVING IBIZA).

Johan Nijenhuis:
a.o. SKIRT DAY (2015, feature), MONKEY BUSINESS (2014, feature), TUSCAN WEDDING (2014, feature),
LOVING IBIZA (2013, feature), BENNIE BRAT (2011, feature) Award: Best Film Kryla Int. Children's FF, FUCHSIA THE MINIWITCH (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Children's Movie 6+ Giffoni FF.

Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 760 1960



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