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Bosnian Girl
Bosnian Girl

Bosnian Girl

The interaction between human actions determines the historical process. That is why individual decisions are of great importance. - Hans Blom (NIOD)

A young Bosnian woman from Sarajevo, now a theatre director, confronts her past. She spends a night in the Netherlands with Dutchbat veterans (former Dutch militia under UN command) inside an empty theatre, from sunset to sunrise - the Dark Session. To what extent are we able to process a past that has both marked and chained together all participants?


70' / colour

Original title: BOSNIAN GIRL
Dir: Tea Tupajic
Prod: Basalt Film (NL) - Simone van den Broek
Co-prod: EO/IKON (NL)
Sc: Tea Tupajic
D.O.P.: Jean Counet
Completed: July 2020
Language: English

Tea Tupajic:
First feature length documentary.

Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946


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