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Bon Voyage by Margien Rogaar
Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

When grandfather Bob is seriously ill each member of the Verbeek family learns to deal with death in their own way.

The Verbeek family cancels its holiday to France because Bob, the grandfather, is very ill, and during a summer spent at home they have to come to terms with a man who is determined to ignore his own disease. In a film about love, friendship, family and letting go, the family members each find their own particular way of coping with his, and their own, mortality.

82’  / video / colour

Genre: family
Dir: Margien Rogaar
Prod: Pupkin Film 
Sc: Tijs van Marle   
Completed: December 2010  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Anneke Blok (LOVE IS ALL, TIRAMISU), Hans Croiset (HER MAJESTY, GUERNSEY), Reinout Bussemaker (STORM, ANTONIA’S LINE) Frank Lammers (NIGHT RUN, WILD MUSSELS). 

Festivals and awards a.o:
Barcelona International Television Film Festival / Zoom
•Best Screenplay
•Best Feature Film of the Youth Jury
Bagdad International Film Festival
Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival
Cinekid - Amsterdam International Children's Film & Media Festival
LUCAS - Frankfurt International Children's Film Festival
Starz Denver Film Festival
SKIP City International D-Cinema Festival
Kolkata International Forum of New Cinema

Margien Rogaar:
Second feature film.
ABOUT FISH AND REVOLUTION (2008, short), SIGH (2007, short) Awards: Best Female Director Int. Shorts FF Mexico, MAYBE SWEDEN (2006, feature) Awards: Special Jury Recommendation FF Cologne, SCANDINAVIA (2005, short doc), AU CIGOGNE! (2004, tv film), MATZES (2004, short).

Pupkin Film
Ph: +31 20 489 5088

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