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Bon Bini Holland by Jon Karthaus
Bon Bini Holland 2

Bon Bini Holland 2

Robertico must do what he can to get to Noëlla, and convince her father Ken that he is marriage material.

When Ken Maduro receives a phone-call from Robertico asking for his daughter Noëlla’s hand in marriage, he has a stroke. Noëlla returns to Holland to help with an upcoming gala to benefit the underprivileged youth of Curaçao, at which point Robertico gets down to the business of convincing Ken of his true worth.

90’ / colour

Genre: comedy
Original title: BON BINI HOLLAND 2
Prod: Kaap Holland Film - Maarten Swart
Sc: Jandino Asporaat, Maarten Swart
D.O.P.: Max Maloney
Completed: October 2018
Language: Dutch
Cast: Jandino Asporaat (BON BINI HOLLAND), Liliana de Vries (BON BINI HOLLAND), Steef de Bot (BRUSSEL).

Jon Karthaus:
BELLA DONNA'S (2017, feature), HOMIES (2015, feature).

Kaap Holland Film

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