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Body Language by Jeffrey Elmont
Body Language

Body Language

The dream is New York, the language is dance.

Just as the five top dance crews are about to leave the Netherlands for a contest in New York, their subsidy is withdrawn. That seems to spell the end of the trip. Five die-hards however, each from a different dance crew, decide to go, regardless. Only when they arrive in New York do they realise what they have done. They will have to survive together and form a new dance crew to enter the contest of their dreams.

100’ / 35mm & DCP / colour

Genre: dance film
Original title: BODY LANGUAGE
Prod: Nijenhuis & Co, Flinck Film
Co-prod: Launch Works
Dir: Jeffrey Elmont  
Sc: Thijs van Marle   
D.O.P.: Edd Lukas
Completed: October 2011  
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Lorenzo van Velzen Bottazzi, Floris Bosveld, Ingrid Jansen, Boris Schreurs, Sigourney Korper, Ruben Solignier, Luciano Hiwat.  

Jeffrey Elmont:
First feature film.
THE SECOND HALF (2009, short).

Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 419 0285

Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: +31 35 623 5559


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