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Blind Fortune by Ramon Gieling
Blind Fortune

Blind Fortune

A film about the blind lottery vendors in Spain who sell ‘illusions” every day.

In Spain every day, in every city, you see people buying a lottery ticket from a blind vendor on a street corner. We move in the world of blind lottery vendors in Malaga. We immerse ourselves in their universe of moving darkness, motionless shadows and grey spots. At the same time we are telling the story of the winners - and losers - of the lottery, of the dreams and illusions that the blind vendors sell.

75’ / video / colour   

Original title: HET BLINDE LOT
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film
Dir: Ramon Gieling   
Sc: Ramon Gieling           
D.O.P.: Goert Giltay
Completed: mid 2012   
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)   

Ramon Gieling:
a.o. ABOUT CANTO (2011, doc), GREAT LENGHTS (2010, short), TRAMONTANA (2009, feature), JOAQUIN SABINA, 19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES (2008, doc) Award: Best Documentary Cinestrat Alicante and Buenos Aires, EN UN MOMENTO DADO (2004, doc), THE PRISONERS OF BUNUEL (2000, doc).

Pieter van Huystee Film

Ph: +31 20 421 0606

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