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Black Out by Arne Toonen
Black Out

Black Out

On the day before his wedding, retired criminal Jos Vreeswijk wakes up next to a dead man…

… and as if that’s not enough, crime lord Vlad is accusing him of ripping off 20 kilos of cocaine. Jos has to get the stash back in 24 hours, otherwise his bride Caroline will pay the price. He has no choice therefore but to creep back into his old world of thieves and dealers to get the coke back, fill the gap in his memory and get himself to the church on time.

95’ / DCP / colour

Genre: thriller, comedy
Original title: BLACK OUT
Prod: Hazazah Pictures 
Co-prod: Orange Film
Dir: Arne Toonen  
Sc: Melle Runderkamp   
D.O.P.: Jeroen de Bruin
Completed: January 2012  
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Raymond Thiry (LOFT, WINTER IN WARTIME), Bas Keijzer (NOVA ZEMBLA), Alex van Warmerdam (THE DRESS, THE NORTHERNERS), Katja Schuurman (INTERVIEW, SEXTET).

Fantastic Fest (Austin)
Setúbal Film Festival - Festroia
Brooklyn Film Festival
Arne Toonen:
Second feature film.
CHUBBY DRUMS (2010, feature), DROP DEAD! (2009, short) Awards: a.o. Best International Short Cleveland Int. FF, Best International Short Kerry FF (Ireland).

Hazazah Pictures
Ph : +31 20 422 6422

Sales: One Eyed Films
Ph: +44 20 8740 1491


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