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Beyond Index by Gerald van der Kaap
Beyond Index

Beyond Index

Pure cinema. Experimental feature by Gerald van der Kaap and cinematographer Yu Lik-Wai. Soundtrack by ÂME, the renowned DJ / producer duo from Berlin.

Rife with historical art references, BEYOND INDEX follows a group of Chinese art students whose training comprises the precise imitation of classic paintings from the Western canon. This strict adherence to tradition shifts with the arrival of Yves Klein – both a character and a drug. Slowly intoxicated by Yves’ words, and the mind-altering color blue, the students undergo an awakening, and begin to consider an alternative, less polluted, reality.

83' /  colour

Genre: experimental
Original title: BEYOND INDEX
Prod: Interakt - René Mendel, Mira Mendel
Co-prod: KAAP - Gerald van der Kaap   
Sc: Gerald van der Kaap              
D.O.P.: Yu Lik-Wai
Completed: September 2017
Language: Mandarin, English, French
Cast: Chen Yi Ying, Yu Naijia, Gao Jian, Weng Leibin.

Gerald van der Kaap:
First feature film.
SHANGHAI, 7 AM (2016, short), NEW VET (2009, short), YES, NEGATIVE (2008, short), MATTHAÜS-PASSION THE REMIX (2006, short).

Ph: +31 20 623 7982

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