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Between the Devil and the Deep by Heinrich Dahms
Between the Devil and the Deep

Between the Devil and the Deep

Three interwoven storylines bound by a single theme: abalone poaching. An immersive dive into the lives of five characters in a small South African fishing community that is suspended in a limbo between its traditional lifestyle and a corrupt and brutal enforcement apparatus deployed to counter the illicit supply of abalone to China, where this endangered marine snail is prized as an aphrodisiac and status symbol.

93' / DCP / colour

Original title: IN DIEPE WATEREN
Dir: Heinrich Dahms
Prod: Buzzmedia (NL)
Co-prod: Visualantics (BE)
Sc: Heinrich Dahms
D.O.P.: Johan Bosgraaf
Completed: January 2015
Language: Afrikaans

Heinrich Dahms:
First feature length documentary.
a.o. SCUM (2010, feature), SURVIVING (2008, short).

Ph: +31 35 772 5225


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