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A DEMONSTRATION by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner


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Berlinale 2020: A DEMONSTRATION

The UK/Dutch/German co-pro documentary short A Demonstration, world-premiering in Berlinale Shorts is described as a “monster film with no monsters” and inspired by “the existence of taxonomies of monsters at the heart of Early Modern European science, exploring and reinterpreting our way of seeing the natural world that is almost impossible to imagine from today’s vantage point.”

The film is directed by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner, and is co-produced by Daan Milius of Dutch production outfit Video Power.

“Rather than narrate a distant history, we have tried to create a journey for our viewers to feel with their entire sensory apparatus,” comments Wagner. “We designed the film as a series of rhythmic intensities, to be experienced through the whole body. We hope that our viewers approach the film without too many preconceived ideas of what a film should be and allow themselves to be guided by their intuition in a way that allows for new connections to be made between images, sounds and movement.”

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