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Bennie Brat by Johan Nijenhuis
Bennie Brat

Bennie Brat

Through no fault of his own, eight-year old Bennie has ended up in Sinterklaas’ big bag of presents...

When Bennie accepts the challenge of a race from the mayor’s son, they cause havoc. But only Benny is punished: he cannot watch Sinterklaas arrive the next day. What’s more, he hears that his father must remain in Bilbao over December 5. When Roderick looks into Sinterklaas’ book he sees that he is to be sent to Spain, and so erases his name. But this makes Bennie think. Spain. If his father cannot come home, then he could go to his father!

88’ / 35mm & DCP / colour

Genre: family
Original title: BENNIE STOUT
Prod: Nijenhuis & Co, Farmhouse Film & TV
Dir: Johan Nijenhuis 
Sc: Wijo Koek  
D.O.P.: Maarten van Keller
Completed: September 2011  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Koen Dobbelaer, Marijn Bekkenk, Hanna Verboom (COOL KIDS DON’T CRY, ME & MR JONES), Diederick Ebbinge.

Cinekid - Amsterdam International Children's Film, Television & New Media Festival
FICI - Brazilian Kids Film Festival
Seoul International Youth Film Festival
Vienna International Children's Film Festival 

Johan Nijenhuis:

a.o. FUCHSIA THE MINIWITCH (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Childrens Film +6 section Giffoni FF, ALIBI (2008, feature), ZOO RANGERS IN SOUTH AMERICA (2007, feature), ZOO RANGERS IN INDIA (2006, feature) Award: Audience Award Cinekid, ZOO RANGERS IN AFRICA (2005, feature), FULL MOON PARTY (2001, feature), COSTA! (2001, feature).

Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 419 0285

Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: + 31 35 623 5559


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