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Behind the Blood by Loretta van der Horst
Behind the Blood

Behind the Blood

Seen through the eyes of a killer, a priest and a crime reporter, this film examines the thin line between good and evil in the dangerous city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Determined to bring violence to an end in his neighborhood, Pastor Daniel risks his life for peace. Orlin, Honduras' celebrity crime reporter, navigates the nightly underworld with ease, fully aware that his work doesn't just provide for his family, it also puts his life at risk. Matatan, a killer and close friend of Pastor Pacheco, gets his thrills from seeing the fear in his victims' eyes just before they die...

80' / colour      

Original title: BEHIND THE BLOOD
Dir: Loretta van der Horst
Prod: Conijn Film (NL) - Wout Conijn
Co-prod: Fine Point Films (UK)                    
Sc: Loretta van der Horst                                  
D.O.P.: Fernando Barrientos
Completed: spring 2019                    
Language: Spanish

Loretta van der Horst:
First feature length documentary.

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