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Behind the Blood by Loretta van der Horst
Behind the Blood

Behind the Blood

In the company of a pastor, an assassin and a crime reporter, this film examines the fine line between good and evil in the world's most dangerous city.

Priest and furniture maker Daniel Pacheco works in one of the most dangerous cities in the world: San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He tries to save lives, all the time risking his own. Reporting murders is everyday business for TV journalist Orlin Castro. Hitman Matathan wants to start a new, pious existence. As she follows these three men, Dutch-American filmmaker Loretta van der Horst, who was born in Honduras, gets frighteningly close to the horrific violence that no one seems able to bring to an end.

83' / b&w 

Original title: BEHIND THE BLOOD
Dir: Loretta van der Horst
Prod: Conijn Film (NL) - Wout Conijn
Co-prod: Fine Point Films (UK)                    
Sc: Loretta van der Horst                                  
D.O.P.: Fernando Barrientos
Completed: November 2019                    
Language: Spanish, English

Loretta van der Horst:
First feature length documentary.

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