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Behind the Blood by Loretta van der Horst
Behind the Blood

Behind the Blood

In the district of La Rivera Hernandez (Honduras) how do people survive in that grey area between good and evil?

A determined pastor and an undercover researcher infiltrate one of the world's most violent neighbourhoods and risk their lives to establish peace between the police and the infamous gangs, the Mara Salvatrucha and the Barrio 18.

90' /  colour     

Original title: BEHIND THE BLOOD
Prod: Conijn Film B.V. - Wout Conijn
Dir: Loretta van der Horst
Co-prod: BDB films LTD                      
Sc: Loretta van der Horst                                 
D.O.P.: Fernando Barrientos
Completed: October 2018                   
Language: English

Loretta van der Horst:

First feature length documentary.

Conijn Film B.V.
Ph: +31 6 4123 5289

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