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Bardsongs by Sander Francken


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Bardsongs theatrical release in Germany

March 6, 2013

The Dutch feature film Bardsongs, by director Sander Francken will be released in theatres in Germany. From March 14, the movie will be screened in cinemas in Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt, Cologne and Passau.

Bardsongs, a very succesful musical feature film directed and produced by Sander Francken, has been selected for more than 30 international film festivals and has won many awards. Under the auspices of the BAFTA it has been nominated in London as ‘best crossover film’, and it has won the SIGNIS Jury Award in Washington DC.

Bardsongs is filmed in India and Mali. At the basis of the movie are three folk tales from respectively Rajasthan, Western Africa and Ladakh. The film focuses on the similarities between three totally different worlds and shows that the ancient wisdom of the African also holds true for the Indian and vice versa. Whether you are a Hindu or a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or anarchist, atheist or animist, we all seem to think alike about the essence of our existence.

For more information:

Ph: +31 20 624 5278
alexanderfrancken@usa.net / sander.francken@planet.nl

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