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Green Screen Gringo by Douwe DIjkstra


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Porfotto Student Oscars nominee

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Buladó Opening Film NFF

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Awards Short Film 2020

Live Action Films
So I Stay
Dir: Marieke de Zwaan
April 2020 Nijmegen International Short Film Festival - Go Short (The Netherlands)
• Best Short - Dutch Competition

Something About Alex
Dir: Reinout Hellenthal
Prod: Reinout Hellenthal
March 2020 Euregion Film Festival (The Netherlands)
• Special Jury Prize
• Youth Jury Award

Dir: Niels Bourgonje
Prod: Before Films
February 2020 Melbourne Shorts Film Festival (Australia) 
• Best Short Thriller 
May 2020 Clean Shorts Film Festival (United States)
• Best Exotic Short

Bloomstreet 11

Dir: Nienke Deutz
Prod: Windmill Film
February 2020 European Children's Film Association - ECFA (Europe)
• ECFA Short Award for Best European Young Audience Short Film of the year

Mind My Mind
Dir: Floor Adams
Prod: CinéTé Filmproduktie
January 2020 Sydney International Short Film Festival - Flickerfest (Australia)
• Best Use of Digital Technology in a Short Film Award
March 2020 Fargo Film Festival (United States)
• Best Animated Short 
March 2020 Spokane International Film Festival (United States)
• Audience Award for Best Animated Short
April 2020 Festival International du Film d'Aubagne: Music&Cinema (France)
• Prix de Meilleur Film d'Animation 
April 2020 Paris European Independent Film Festival - ECU (France)
• Best European Independent Animated Film Award 
May 2020 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Animated films, Visual Effects & Videogames Festival - Animayo (Spain) 
• Best Comedy  

PolarBarry - Let's Break the Ice!! - Vlog #207
Dir: Wouter Dijkstra
Prod: HKU
January 2020 Dunedin International Film Festival (United States)
• Best Animated Film
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