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Audiotour by Stephane Kaas


Original Title: Audiotour

A young girl visits a 17th-century arts museum in Amsterdam and decides to take the audio tour. The girl is struck with surprise when the voice that guides her takes on a life of its own...

Dir: Stephane Kaas
Prodr: Rutger Lemm - Stichting Hard/Hoofd and Stephane Kaas

Stephane Kaas

Stephane Kaas:
Stephane Kaas (1984, Amsterdam) studied at both the art academy (Rietveld) and the Dutch Film and Television Academy. He graduated as a director with a documentary about a boy with no short-time memory and a commercial.  After that he made a short film which was screened at the IDFA and Cinekid.
‘Audiotour’ is his first short fiction and made with the collective behind the blog Hard/Hoofd (www.hardhoofd.com).









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