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As Much Time as Space by Katja Mater
As Much Time As Space

As Much Time As Space

Shot inside the house of modernist couple Theo and Nelly van Doesburg, architectural details are combined with Mater’s drawings. A wandering narrative exploring tables, stairs, space and time-perception, colour and some Van Doesburg heritage.

8’ / colour

Genre: experimental

Original title: AS MUCH TIME AS SPACE
Dir: Katja Mater
Prod: Katja Mater
Completed: May 2017
Language: no dialogue

Katja Mater:
FIELDS ON A LINE (2015, short), COMPOSITION OF LIGHT (2013, short), THREE TIMES 12 METER (2013, short), SEARCHING FOR WHITE (2009, short), CUMULUS (2007, short), PRESENT ABSENCE (2005, short).

Katja Mater:
Ph: +32 4 8964 2170

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