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As if I'm Crazy by Frank Lammers
As if I'm Crazy

As if I'm Crazy

Successful young artist Benjamin is totally confused when he ends up in a psychiatric hospital, because he remembers nothing of what happened…

When young artist Benjamin is incarcerated within a psychiatric hospital he has no idea how he got there. Life in the  hospital is relentless and absurd but, step by step, Benjamin seems to come to grips with himself again. He starts to realize how narcissistic and simplistic he used to be. But when he is released and meets up with his old friends, he is confronted with yet another truth...

90’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: OF IK GEK BEN
Dir: Frank Lammers
Prod: IJswater Films
Co-prod: Pellicola        
Sc: Frank Lammers           
D.O.P.: Bert Haitsma, Alex Wuijts
Completed: January 2016       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Mike Weerts (BORGMAN, DUMMIE THE MUMMY) Matteo van der Grijn (DAYLIGHT, CORNEA) Monic Hendrickx (NENA, SONNY BOY), Fedja van Huêt (BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, ACCUSED).       

Festivals and awards:
a.o. Noida International Film Festival (India) - Jury Award Best Film

Frank Lammers:
First feature film.

IJswater Films
Ph: +31 20 442 1760

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