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April May And June
April, May And June

April, May And June

As they prepare for the imminent death of their mother, three half-sisters with three different fathers start to question their lives.

To inform each personally about her impending death, Mies (73) summons her three daughters home. The three half-sisters April, May and June, each of whom has a different father, start to question their lives: "Where are we at in life? What do we still have in common? What will happen to our autistic brother Jan?"

110' / colour

Genre: tragi-comedy, drama
Original title: APRIL, MAY EN JUNE
Dir: Will Koopman
Prod: Talpa Fictie - John de Mol, Alex Doff
Sc: Frank Houtappels
D.O.P.: Melle van Essen
Completed: December 2019
Language: Dutch, English
Cast: Linda de Mol (VIPER'S NEST 1 & 2, THE DARK HOUSE), Tjitske Reidinga (DORIS, VIPER'S NEST 1 & 2) Elise Schaap (VALENTINO, BRIDE FLIGHT), Patrick Duffy (DALLAS: WAR OF THE EWINGS, DALLAS: J.R. RETURNS).

Will Koopman:
a.o. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (2018, feature), VIPER'S NEST 2 (2014, feature), THE RENOVATION (2012, feature), VIPER'S NEST (2011, feature), THE DARK HOUSE (2009, feature).

Talpa Fictie
Ph: +31 35 533 3552

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