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Showreel Dutch Animation Annecy 2020


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Annecy 2020: Showreel Dutch Animation

19 June 2020

Dutch animation producers and filmmakers are presenting new films and projects at Annecy and MIFA online. A wide variety of Dutch animation projects is presented: international co-productions, short films, feature films and series in development and films coming soon.

Watch the Dutch Animation Showreel Annecy 2020 by clicking on the image: 


Contents showreel: 

1. UNDONE "THE HOSPITAL" - TV Films in Competition
Dir: Hisko Hulsing
Prod: Tornante Company (US), Co-prod: Submarine (NL)
Hisko Hulsing: hiskohulsing@hotmail.com, www.hiskohulsing.com
NL co-producer: Submarine, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl

2. THE END - Graduation Films in Competition
Dir: Wiebe Bonnema 
Prod: ArtEZ University of the Arts
Contact: wiebebonnema@outlook.com

3. CAREFUL - Jo Goes Hunting - Commissioned Films in Competition
Dir: Alice Saey
Co-prod: Miyu productions (FR), De Nieuwe Oost (NL)
Sales: Miyu Distribution (FR), festival@miyu.fr, www.miyu.fr/distribution
Alice Saey: alicesaey@gmail.com

4. SAD BEAUTY - Short, coming soon
Dir, Prod: Arjan Brentjes
Distr: KLIK Distribution 
Sales: SND Films, Sydney Neter, info@sndfilms.com, www.sndfilms.com
Festival Distribution: KLIK Distribution, Ursula van den Heuvel, ursula@klikamsterdam.nl

5. IT'S NICE IN HERE - Short, coming soon 
Dir: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers
Prod: Valk Productions, Richard Valk, info@valkproductions.com, www.valkproductions.com 

6. TOURIST TRAP - Short, coming soon 
Dir: Vera van Wolferen
Prod: Family Affair Films, Chris Stenger, chris@familyaffairfilms.nl, www.familyaffairfilms.nl 

7. VARKEN- short, Coming soon 
Dir: Jorn Leeuwerink
Prod: Studio Pupil, Tünde Vollenbroek, tunde@studiopupil.com, www.studiopupil.com 

8. THE MIRACLE II - Short, coming soon 
Dir: Nienke Deutz
Co-prod: Keplerfilm (NL), Lunanime (BE) and Need Productions (BE)
NL co-producer: Keplerfilm, Peter Lindhout, peter@keplerfilm.com
Distr: Lumiere (BE)
Sales: Miyu Distribution (FR), festival@miyu.fr, www.miyu.fr/distribution 

9. FLATASTIC - Short, coming soon 
Dir: Alice Saey
Co-prod: Keplerfilm (NL) and Miyu Productions (FR)
NL producer: Keplerfilm, Peter Lindhout, peter@keplerfilm.com, www.keplerfilm.com
Sales: Miyu Distribution (FR), festival@miyu.fr, www.miyu.fr/distribution 

10. BURNOUT DIARY -  short, coming soon 
Dir: Dario van Vree
Prod: Studio Pupil, Tünde Vollenbroek, tunde@studiopupil.com, www.studiopupil.com

11. WHEEL CITY - series in development
Dir: Lukas Krepel
Prod: Frame Order animation studios, Daan Velsink, daan@frameorder.nl
Music: Rainbows Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com),
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

12. POL THE PIRATE MOUSE - series in develpment 
Creators: Denise van Leeuwen & Tingue Dongelmans
Co-prod: Submarine (NL), Gaumont (FR)
Prod: Submarine, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl

13. CUDDLE SCHOOL - series in develpment
Creators: Anne-Claire Petit & Phil Molloy
Prod: Submarine, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl

14. DOG AND DAGGER - series in develpment
Dir: Florian Walraven
Co-prod: Knisper (NL), Unanimation (FR)
NL co-producer: Knisper, Coen Balkestein, Coen_Balkestein@hotmail.com

15. THE GROWCODILE - feature in development
Dir: Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk
Prod: Ka-Ching Cartoons, Joost van den Bosch (Joost@ka-chingcartoons.com) & Erik Verkerk (erik@ka-chingcartoons.com)

16. THE WONDROUS JOURNEY OF LITTLE SOPHIE - Feature in development 
Dir: Berend en Roel Boorsma
Co-prod: IJswater Films, Pellicola Film
IJswater Films, Marc Bary, films@ijswater.nl, www.ijswater.nl

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