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ANNE & JEAN-PAUL by Leendert Pot


Leendert Pot
Anne is going to live together with her friend Jean-Paul. She has Down’s Syndrome while he has Fragile X Syndrome. How do they manage?

Anne and Jean-Paul live together like other people. But Anne has Down’s Syndrome and he has Fragile X Syndrome. We follow them as they take pleasure in, and struggle with, their autonomy. After her mother’s death, the care for Anne’s wellbeing passed to her sister Meike and her brother Leendert (the film’s director). Striking a balance between self-sufficiency and support, they help her realize her dream of personal independence. But what does it take to ensure her happiness into the future?

83‘ /  colour   

Original title: ANNE & JEAN-PAUL
Prod: Stichting Geelprodukt (NL) – Michel Schöpping
Co-prod: Yuzu-Productions (FR)       
Sc: Leendert Pot           
D.O.P.: Leendert Pot   
Completed: March 2017       
Language: French, Dutch

Leendert Pot:
a.o. THE OARSMAN (2011, short doc), HORMAATEE (2006, doc), ANNE IS ONE OF US (1989, doc).

Stichting Geelprodukt
Ph:+31 6 1208 4072

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